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Here you can find some stuff related to SynC Modular.
Download the latest setup file available for redistribution and use it at your own pleasure. Note that some of these works won't load due to demo limitations.
Download Ensembles
Advice: Last setup release is from 2002.
Since Oct-2002
BEST WITH 1024x768


24/Nov/09 Ups! I've included a forgotten file... the old SM Pulse emulation by Liquih, and also updated some obsolete links at Hwsynths page.
Now it's packed with 7z compressor. It uses half the size!!! 600k! ...

23/Nov/09 Today I'm 32!!! But the bad news come back again: Dr. SynC's SynC Modular site is down.
I've redirected the link to the copy uploaded. License Section 9 grants the redistribution. Enjoy SynC Modular! (12 years enjoyed here...;)) ...

18/Apr/09 Woops!! Big delay since last post/upload.
Some stuff uploaded and updated. I think I'll be able to write all the html needed to set available all the packs today.
Ensembles Library uploaded... Creating links/lists now. ...

04/Mar/08 BIG!!! I've created an ensemble within SynC, and... YES, it's still a big dev environment. Its name is Nightmare , and it's a very powerful synth, with some routing capabilities. It's based on some Dr.Sync templates, but it's big. Just put your fingers on it.
Ensembles Library will be uploading soon. ...

19/Feb/08 Once classified all those ensembles, it's time to upload them. Downloads will be available as packs.
User variations has been exported as presets and imported to a optimal ensemble, sometimes with basic effects.
Until a newer and better "virus" version appear, the old Virus emulation has been removed ...

09/Feb/08 It's hard to believe that Robin Chard's "Virus" is just a mod of G.Landini's SynDream v.2... Well, Since now, it's Syndream. ...

07/Feb/08 Well, some time later and with less problems on my head. A brief restyling to start uploading massively collected ensembles. ...

12/Dec/07 Cleaning up page interface, adding ensemble authors and links to vintage explorer reviews.
I've collected a lot of ensembles, and some were based on real synths, maybe i'll begin uploading them. ...

11/Dec/07 SynC Modular Page is DOWN again. Download link points here, so it can't held heavy traffic.

10/Dec/07  Finally I found the setup file and now it is available online.
SynC Modular 2.21
Main download site. Registration is down due to NI bought of Dr. SynC technologies.

Maple Midi driver
Add some virtual midi ports to connect your sequencer with SynC.

DX-G Patches
Some DX-7/TX-7 Patches directly translated to smp (1000+ presets)

Breve explicación: Reaktor5Core
Spanish brief explanation on how to connect modules within SynC/Reaktor5Core.

KVR "SynC Modular Ensembles Needed"
A Link to the place where has been posted the download links to all these files.

SynC Modular Ensembles:
Click icons to show info and download a pack.
This is the samples pack needed to use some ensembles. Only registered users can get profit of them.

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