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These stuff is Modular Synthesis related and some other interesting resources for those whose synthesis concept goes far beyond tweaking cutoff and Q. Also I'm planning to keep here all the old, unfinished and/or buggy ones.
Advice: Not for newbies. Strong languaje here.
Since Oct-2002
BEST WITH 1024x768

28/Nov/07 Bank for Ers Polyiblit added and some electronic GEM Equinox multisampled Drumkits.
1/Oct/07 Some old stuff added, SynC Modular ensembles, DR8 and some other.
13/Jun/07 MVX Resources is online, with few (very few for the moment) resources relating modular synthesis. Some fixes to pages... well... funny that it still works.
9/Jun/07 Kobe updated,
23/Sep/05 At this moment, all the synths should be available for download.
23/Apr/05 FilterKnock has been betareleased.
10/Feb/05 Only MVM2Kobe, MVM and ANX1 are available for downloading
05/Nov/04 Don't try to download anything
04/Nov/04 New page
01/Nov/04 MVXsynths need a serious change.
Some Other Modular Synths:

Polyiblit MVX Bass Bank - 30 patches

30 Bass patches programed for PolyIblit to cover the lack of banks available for this magnificient synth. Zipped and FXB formatted
ORZ (alpha)

A different way of understanding filters and generators. Very fast and impressive sound shaping capabilyties. Nonstandard thing.
Virus Ensemble

A SynC Modular Acces Virus ensemble. Originally created by Robin Chard.It's a must try.
Atlantis fxp's

Some Atlantis(v0.9D) presets translated to fxp standard format. Sorry buty I've not translated MaliceX prs due to some reasons.
DR660 Standard
DR660 Stkit02
DR660 Stkit03

Three Boss DR660 multisampled drumkits. Standard Kit, Kit02 and Kit03. Mono mp3 files. Included mappings for Loopazoid (Multiout/Hats choke), EXS24/EXSP24 & Shortcircuit. Tell me if you prefer better quality compression. More multisamples to come.
Equinox Tek90A
Equinox Tek90B
Equinox Tekbrush

Three GEM Equinox multisampled drumkits. Tekbrush, Tek90A and Tek90B kits. Stereo@224kbps mp3 files. 90's electronic sound, suitable for electronica, hiphop and more.
Included mappings for Loopazoid (Multiout/Hats choke).

DR8 Drummachine

MVF4 - Multifilter

MVM Lite

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